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Year Round Event (and Seasonal Event) Procedures

Overview::  This page acts as the "home" page for Year Round (and Seasonal) event procedures. Listed below are abbreviations used on this and related pages. Below the abbreviations are links to pages that describe procedures, in detail, of all of the POC's responsibilities.
  • AVA - American Volkssport Association
  • SWS - Sacramento Walking Sticks
  • POC - Point of Contact
  • YRE - Year Round Event
Routine tasks:  There are routine tasks that each YRE requires that will make sure all walkers who want to will be able to participate in the walk.
Quarterly tasks::  At the end of each quarter throughout the year, AVA requires each club to report on each YREs participation.
Income:  Use the YRE Income Report form.:  Income can be reported at any time. Send the YRE Income Report to the Treasurer along with the money, New Walker Coupons, and Stick’s Bucks.
Instructions for the YRE Income Report

Income Report for Multiple Events:  If you are reporting income from more than one YRE or Seasonal Event, you can use this form to simplify the task.
Instructions for the Multi-Event Income Report
Expenses:  Use the Expense Report form.:  As a POC, you might incur expenses such as stamps, printing Walk Directions, and printing other forms.
Instructions for the Expense Report
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  Page last updated: 17-September-2015